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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

They Never Fail to Amaze Me......EVER

So true story:

I'm having this converstaion with a customer about one of our compliance policies. This man is arguing with me and says "can I speak to your manager." I say, absolutley, as soon as she's done with that customer, but she's going to tell you the exact thing that I am telling you right now." So.....my manager comes over and has the EXACT same converstaion with this gentalman, and he says...."that's just YOUR policy, you can do whatever you want." She says, actually, we can't. We will get in huge trouble by the government auditors. (sidenote: I actually had to leave my window b/c I could no longer hold my laughter in, he was that ridiculous). He says "so you're telling me that you'd rather me take my HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to anyother bank, b/c you wont do this for me. I said, "well sir, if you feel that way, THEN YES!" I honestly do not believe this man. What on God's green earth would make him think he could get around it. I haven't the slightest clue. After about 5 min of arguing with our manager, he saw the light, and complied.....needless to say, I said about 2 words to him during the entire time he was at my window.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What Is The Point of Being FAKE?

I take pride in being someone who is not "Fake." I honestly don't think that the way I act is "Fake." And if I was, I would hope that one of my Friends, would call me out on it. Or, not be my friend at all. I also would like to think that I don't hang out with "Fake" people. I don't see the point in being a "Fake" person. To make people like you?? What?? No, that just makes you an even bigger loser. I just don't get it. I've never been a fan of "Fake" people, but it has just recently played a bigger part of my daily life, at my el-job-o. I've been the bigger person about it, espcially since I'm in management. But you know what, screw that....Especially after this weekend, it just opened my eyes... So, I have decieded to just totally be "Myself." And if I feel like talking to you, then I will. Otherwise if I don't, hopefully you get the hint.

Friday, April 21, 2006

These b!tches are high!!

So I saw these BCBGirls wedges on the internet, and I absolutley fell in LOVE with them. Of course, the logical side of me was like "well what are you going to wear with them?" And it hit me like a week after I saw them, this shirt that I have would look SO cute with them. So I broke down, spent the $80 plus dollars on them. I have been waiting all week for them to get here. I have things sent to work, then it makes my day better. Anyway, after the long anticipated arrival, THEY'RE HERE!! They got to me today at 1pm!! YAY, It totally made my whole friggin' day! Let me just say, I tried them on behind the teller line, and these b!tches are high!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Customer Service

Have you ever had a job in Customer Service? Well, Ive had like 3 jobs in my life, and they were ALL customer service. However, my current place of employment has got to be the most "out there" Just when you think that "You've seen it all.....That there is no way that anyone could do anything "dumber" Someone will do something outrageous and totally redeem that thought.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Little Bunny Foo-Foo...

...hoppin' through the forrest, scoopin up the field mice to bop um on the head.
Happy Easter to everyone! I hope that the Easter bunny left everyone goodies.
This morning I woke up, for the 3rd time, once at 1am when Lem came home and decieded to throw a dog treat on my bed so that Jake would jump up on my bed, once at 8am and then finally the 3rd time at like 10am. So I decide to make us some breakfast, nothing serious, just cherry turnovers from the box. I turn the oven on to pre-heat it and the oven starts smoking. Apparently the other day when Lem was smoking the pig, he had some kind of juice or something that was spilled in the oven. What it was doing in the oven, I'm not sure, especially since the pig was in the smoker. Anyway, it was horrible and the turnovers tasted like smokey-weridness. So we had to put it on "self-clean" for like 4 hours. It smelled SICK. Good thing I was gone all day.

PS: I called James Kernan to tell him Happy Easter, and ended up talking to Ms. Ellerie for like 5 min. She is such a chatter-box

Friday, April 14, 2006

You're doing what?!?

Okay, so I come home lastnight and I'm just watching t.v. Getting ready to eat something for dinner, nothing out of the ordinary. A little while late, I hear Lem's truck pull in the drive way....with the big smoker attached. He is home with Aaron & their friend Bob, who I've met before at the golf course...ANYWAY. The first thing out of Lem's mouth is "Hey Jay, wanna help us cut the FAT OFF OF A PIG?" I said...."you're doing what?!? I don't even want to see YOU do that. So there's a table on the back patio, Lem gets our good kitchen knives, and Aaron and Lem walk over to his truck, grab this HUGE half of a pig, and put it on the table. The 3 of them proceed to cute the fat off of this "hog half" and drink beer, just like it was normal. Then Josh came over, and good news for him, he had on "Good Clothes" so he didn't help. They got done with one, and what do you know, theres still another half in the truck on ice....just waiting. Let me tell you, it was a sight to see. Needless to say, I did not eat dinner.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ode to the Seatbelt Bag

This is me and princess Ellerie. She is the cutest little girl in the world (as you can tell for yourself).

On Saturday I saw her and had a new seatbelt purse and I said; Ellerie, look what I have....She says, how many of dose do you have? I say 4, she says, WOW, That's a lot. Uncle Jimmy, Jamie has 4 Seatbelt puses.

...and Bingo was his name-o!

Anyone who will ever see this, already knows all about me. So I know that you know that my new favorite thing to do is to attend BINGO at James Kernan's church. It is the best ever!! The first time I went, I won NOTHING, But the 2nd time I won, I won 2 things!! How cool. This of course must mean, that the 3rd time, I will win 3 things!! I know that you'll all be in suspence....

1 thing 2 ponder:

One thing to ponder: Is every rude person in America a customer of First National Bank of Omaha?