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Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Day @ The Office

As we all know, I don't do much work at the office.....

The other day, before Jeff (my boss) even got here, i knew one sentence that would definetly come out of his mouth: "Better get that sample off to the lab."

He would be referring to my almost empty cup of Apple Juice. Every time I'm drinking it, without fail, those words will come out of his mouth......

He also brought Katie-Bug with him.
She had to go get her teeth cleaned.
We have the same dentist.

She wanted to make a video, but we didn't have time

I almost wrote: "To The Prettiest Girl In The World" on the Valentine I gave her.
But stopped, because we all know that Princess Ellerie already has that title.


Blogger Michael said...

That does look like pee!

Blogger Jimmy said...

mmm makes me thirsty!

and yes...she is the prettiest.

Blogger Heather B said...

Oh how I love apple juice.

And oh how it loves to make me sick.



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