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Friday, April 20, 2007

No Need To Get Your Panties In A Wad

Last week I was so tired of seeing Don Imus' face plastered EVERYWHERE!

But then I got to thinking, "why is everyone so mad at this one man"

For years, "black" people have called "white" people names, from Cracker, Honkey, Whitey, Hicks, etc...But do you ever seen anyone being fired for that? Why is it okay for one race to call another names, but when the finger is pointed the other direction, it's "unexceptable."
African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc...can say whatever they want about "white" people, but the second that "white" people say something about another race, joking or not, everyone is automatically up in arms.
It's a double standard, and is ridiculous.

Am I saying it's okay to go around calling people names?

NO, Didn't you learn anything from your parents?

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all


In the event that you aren't smart enough to keep your mouth shut,

then, BY LAW, have the right to say whatever you want.

(minus making bomb threats and so on....)

So, good for you Don Imus, good for you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day At The Park

Yesterday I decided to help Jimmy, watch the kids for a while.
(Thanks to my job that lets me come and go as I please)

So off we went.....

Uncle Jimmy, Me, Ellerie, Gavin, and Garrett

Even with the 2 of us, it was a task.
Kudos to Dawn who does this everyday.

(Photo courtesy of Gavin)

To our surprise, there was no fighting or crying....
except when Gavin got hit in the face by the Merry-Go-Round :(

However, I think Uncle Jimmy was ready for a drink after this!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Heart Walks

Last week I was in Carter Lake, and decided that I would stop by Lem's Parents to take Jake Dawg on a walk.
Of course as soon as I got there, he knew what was going on.

After about 10 min of Paige looking for his choke chain (with out it, he takes YOU on a walk), we were ready to go.

So off we went, in search of anything he could pee on.
During the course of our walk, we passed many other dogs.
If you've ever been on a walk with us, you know that Jake starts wimpering like a BABY. He's usually way bigger than these dogs, that are in fenced in yards, but he's still a big baby about it.

By the time we got back, he was happy to be home.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

911 Ave O

I miss my old address
I love my apartment
but I miss this house

There was never a dull moment

From getting woken up at 2am from Lem throwing Jake down the stairs for running away
To coming home from work and seeing a pig having all the fat cut off it

or Lem throwing a dog bone on my bed so Jake would jump on it and wake me up
and seeing that Jake Dawg took down the blinds in the living room

It was the best house ever
and I miss it

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Once again the computer at work took a dive.
I told my boss we should call the "Geek Squad"

So, yesterday at 5:45pm Kyle came to fix the computer.
45min after I'm usually leaving mind you

2 1/2 hours after that, Kyle had restored everything
minus getting the internet to work

Today, my boss comes & tries to get on the internet, and MAGICALLY
it works....I think Kyle was almost worthless!!

We would have been better off with this kid:

So, after a good $244.66 that we paid kyle
we're paying someone else tomorrow

wish us luck!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday

I have been dreading this day, for the past 19 days.
Actually, for the past 2 months. I think that I have felt every emotion humanly possilbe.

Sometimes I just get tired of always being the "strong" one.
Somedays, I just want to be sad.
Sometimes its just hard to put on that face of "everything's fine"

I try really hard to just think of the Funny Times we had

* Going to McDonalds after church b/c you Loved the French Fries
* Calling me just to tell me something funny
* Wearing slippers to church
* Telling me that you have wet arm-pits!
* When we were little, and you wanted to ride down the big hill at Platte River State Park, like my & Lynz. And you biffed it & had to get stiches
* Swimming at Grandpa's all day
* Being so filled with God's love, that it just pours out of you

Yes, I know that it was her time, that September night when God called her home.
And Yes, I know that she is in fact in Heaven
And Yes, it still sucks some days.
Just some days, more than others...

But life does go on. And I have to go with it.

Happy Birthday Moo!

Bye My Cousin
Love You
Be Safe
Wear Seatbelts

Friday, March 02, 2007

Scrabble Anyone?

We somehow manage to only go to my cousin's house, when the abominal snowman is having a party outside! We went there for New Years Eve, and Im sure you recall how pleasant it was out. Last weekend, we were on our way over there, and it was like deja vu.

We joke about only being able to go there when mother nature is at her worst.

Minus dreading the drive home, we did manage to have a few laughs

This is what I had to work with!

This was my big-fat-winner of a word!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everybody Loves A Haircut

It seems that whenever I have longer hair, there's a wedding coming up that I'm in. I don't know what it is about it, but I always want to CHOP my hair off! When my cousin Lyndsay got married, I HAD to have long hair, to cover up one of my tattoos. I couldn't wait to cut my hair, I think the week after the wedding, I was in the "chair"

And now, Dale's wedding is in June and all I really want to do, is cut my hair!

Last Thursday, I expressed my concern to Vicky (my hair lady)
After we were all done, and I was setting up my next appointment,
I said: Maybe I just do color next time
Vicky says: It has been a while.....
I said: What do you think?
She says: LET'S DO IT!

So, maybe next month when I have added a little color,
that might tide me over on chopping my hair until after the wedding.

Keep your fingers crossed

Monday, February 19, 2007

B * I * N * G * O ! !

Every third Saturday of the month, Our Lady of Carter Lakehosts one of the best activites known to man....BINGO!

The very first time I went with Jimmy, I was hooked. A Bingo-lifer you might say.

This past Saturday, was Bingo night. I finally talked Michael into going with me.

Now, the past couple of times I have been, I didn't do so hot.
But maybe that was just preparing me for this time

I only needed 1 number to be called....

"B-1"....She said

B * I * N * G * O !!!!

And not only was it a Double Bingo (but tripple)
Joey said, "you get an extra $5 for that"
I said "Really?"
He said, "No"

So after an intermission or two.....

I'm in the same situation. And this time Joey is in the same boat
He said he was going to get it, I said I was

Guess who...

Winner-Winner.....Chicken Dinner

So until we meet again....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Day @ The Office

As we all know, I don't do much work at the office.....

The other day, before Jeff (my boss) even got here, i knew one sentence that would definetly come out of his mouth: "Better get that sample off to the lab."

He would be referring to my almost empty cup of Apple Juice. Every time I'm drinking it, without fail, those words will come out of his mouth......

He also brought Katie-Bug with him.
She had to go get her teeth cleaned.
We have the same dentist.

She wanted to make a video, but we didn't have time

I almost wrote: "To The Prettiest Girl In The World" on the Valentine I gave her.
But stopped, because we all know that Princess Ellerie already has that title.