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Friday, June 30, 2006

Ode to First National

Last week I went into the branch managers office and told them that I would be leaving in 2 weeks. It was the BEST feeling ever. It's not a big secret that I hated my job, err still do hate it. Some days were just better than others. (Like when I would get to talk to Jimmy all day when he worked for the bank too). I was just sick and tired of a lot of people SUCKING and getting away with it. And when I would bring it to their attention, I was the MEAN BAD GUY. Get Serious!!
I was offered a job being a Property Manager....pays more, best boss ever, don't have to be here in this HOLE and I basically get to hang out

The following are things that I will NOT miss:

Mr. Gaule…...everything about him
Mr. Vhoorhees & his chomping of gum
Mr. Buda & his obsession with me
Mr. Jones….. getting his balance
Mr. Janda & his shnanaigans
Mr. Clarke & his casheirs checks
Mr. Platt, when he comes in at like 5:57pm with 4 bags of coin
Mr. Gardner & weirdness
Mr. Roberston (from robertson cycle) coming in at 6:58pm
Mr. Incontro and his same question "do you guys take cox and aquila"
Mr & Mrs Carter
Mrs. Wallace in the DT in the AM getting 1 20, 10's 5's & some 1's……alllright
Mrs. wallace in the lobby 2 hours later
Miss Fitel & her utility payments
Miss Fix…being LOUD & wanting 30 copies of something on a busy payday-Friday
All of Jay's gay bags
All BK Deposits
All of Little Kings' COIN deposits
Mrs. Wallace…in the lobby 3 hours later
Mary Sortino...The lady who drops of IDEAL, who "just wants to leave that"
Anyone who says "LORIE KNOWS ME"
Not being able to drink or eat in your teller window
Being the Community coin vault
filling change orders
running coin
People being in my business all the time "what are you talking about?" "what's going on now?"
Customers waiting to get $20 cash out from their account, at 7:00am…Just waiting there
Anything & Everything that the beast does or has to do with.
Her in General (the beast)
Bree, and everything about her
The phone ringing & ringing, and NO ONE answering it
Peg, our admins kids calling 20 times a day
All the $h!t that some people talk
Looking through proof work
ordering research
"Turning on the lobby light"
People just walking right up to your window, when you're not in it, or when you're doing something "HENCE THE *Please wait for next availible teller* Sign"

I will however miss:

~watching the shopko carts roll across the parking lot and into the busy street on a windy day
~holding $100 thousand dollars in my hands
~making funny noises in the microphone
*whenever you say ANYTHING in the microphone, it total tripples its funniness
~having 5 cars deep in each lane on a busy Friday, and a RUSH song comes on the radio, instantly making it a GREAT next 5 minutes
~telling old people to "KEEP IT REAL" when I'm done helping them

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Game Night

Last weekend my sister (who was in town from DC), Michael and myself went to my cousin Lyndsday's for the much anticipate "Game Night." Let me tell you, it was a night. We ate, drank and almost died laughing. I don't know which was more fun, Lyndsay and I telling stories about when we were youger (and not so young)
All the different things that we had to do while we were playing "Cranium."
It was Boys VS Girls, and a riot during the entire game.
There will be pictures to follow

Friday, June 23, 2006

Seatbelts Aren't Just for Saving Lives

Not only do seatbelts save lives...They also make a fantastic addition to your outfit.

I will be purchasing both of these......Very shortly

Seriously...How cute is this f-ing bag?!?!?

....Pretty f-ing sweet

Friday, June 16, 2006


That today while I was working in the DT at the bank....a man came in on a moped.

Kind of like this.....but not like this middle-eastern fellow