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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everybody Loves A Haircut

It seems that whenever I have longer hair, there's a wedding coming up that I'm in. I don't know what it is about it, but I always want to CHOP my hair off! When my cousin Lyndsay got married, I HAD to have long hair, to cover up one of my tattoos. I couldn't wait to cut my hair, I think the week after the wedding, I was in the "chair"

And now, Dale's wedding is in June and all I really want to do, is cut my hair!

Last Thursday, I expressed my concern to Vicky (my hair lady)
After we were all done, and I was setting up my next appointment,
I said: Maybe I just do color next time
Vicky says: It has been a while.....
I said: What do you think?
She says: LET'S DO IT!

So, maybe next month when I have added a little color,
that might tide me over on chopping my hair until after the wedding.

Keep your fingers crossed


Blogger nancy said...

i hate that... if i would have known that i would be in heather's wedding, i would not have chopped it. i'm getting color on monday... i've been tanning again... possibly some nails... that will make up for my short hair... hopefully. i love cool wedding hair.

Blogger Jimmy said...

i like your hair long!


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