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Monday, February 19, 2007

B * I * N * G * O ! !

Every third Saturday of the month, Our Lady of Carter Lakehosts one of the best activites known to man....BINGO!

The very first time I went with Jimmy, I was hooked. A Bingo-lifer you might say.

This past Saturday, was Bingo night. I finally talked Michael into going with me.

Now, the past couple of times I have been, I didn't do so hot.
But maybe that was just preparing me for this time

I only needed 1 number to be called....

"B-1"....She said

B * I * N * G * O !!!!

And not only was it a Double Bingo (but tripple)
Joey said, "you get an extra $5 for that"
I said "Really?"
He said, "No"

So after an intermission or two.....

I'm in the same situation. And this time Joey is in the same boat
He said he was going to get it, I said I was

Guess who...

Winner-Winner.....Chicken Dinner

So until we meet again....


Blogger Heather B said...

OMG I love Bingo, take me with you next time!


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