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Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday

I have been dreading this day, for the past 19 days.
Actually, for the past 2 months. I think that I have felt every emotion humanly possilbe.

Sometimes I just get tired of always being the "strong" one.
Somedays, I just want to be sad.
Sometimes its just hard to put on that face of "everything's fine"

I try really hard to just think of the Funny Times we had

* Going to McDonalds after church b/c you Loved the French Fries
* Calling me just to tell me something funny
* Wearing slippers to church
* Telling me that you have wet arm-pits!
* When we were little, and you wanted to ride down the big hill at Platte River State Park, like my & Lynz. And you biffed it & had to get stiches
* Swimming at Grandpa's all day
* Being so filled with God's love, that it just pours out of you

Yes, I know that it was her time, that September night when God called her home.
And Yes, I know that she is in fact in Heaven
And Yes, it still sucks some days.
Just some days, more than others...

But life does go on. And I have to go with it.

Happy Birthday Moo!

Bye My Cousin
Love You
Be Safe
Wear Seatbelts


Blogger Jimmy said...

happy birthday

Blogger Heather B said...

Thinking of you.

Blogger Abbey said...

Somehow I came across your blog and as I read this post I began to think of my cousin Mollie before I even scrolled down to see her beautiful picture. I don't know you and I am assuming that by your reference to her as "my cousin" that you must be her cousin from her mom's side of the family. I am Mollie's cousin too (from her Dad's side) and as little girls we were really close. She was beautiful on the inside and outside, and I regret not knowing her more as a young lady. Thank-you for writing about the "funny times" the two of you shared...it only reminds me that there is one less great person missing from here on earth.
It's a small world isn't it? I mean coming across a strangers blog only find out that we are connected because shared the same sweet girl you wrote about as a cousin...you made me cry.
Take Care & God Bless you,


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