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Friday, May 26, 2006

Highlight of the season

Okay, so somehow I've been hooked on American Idol....I have been watching it throughout the season. It's had it's UP's and DOWN's and funny & embarrassing moments. (Kat's flash to the audience) The biggest highlight of the Season was on Wednesday, durring the much anticipated 2-hour season finale. During the last few moments of the show, and AFTER they anounced the big winner...and while Taylor was performing...

Went to Baywatch Hottie



Sunday, May 07, 2006

And then I see it...I know what's missing from the window.....THE FRIGGIN' BLINDS. Lem wasn't home...so I called him see what the Hey was up with the binds. I didn't know if he went into a furry and ripped them down...I had no idea. I was a bit scared actually.

This is a rare shot of the bubby bandit. He thought that it might be nice to put a face with the furry that happens from time to time.
Apparently he didn't see the need to keep these blinds up anymore. He pretty much rules the house and does what he wants. For some reason, we still love the bub

So, I get home from Timmy's Race lastnight....walk in the house and up the stairs.....look in the living room and out the window, and notice something is different....